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Roslyn Stanislaus (MIB Candidate, 2020)

Study Abroad: University of Mannheim (Germany)

Work Abroad: Microsoft UK (United Kingdom)

“When travelling, it’s obviously super exciting to explore new places and capture epic views. But for me, what defines any travel experience is who I am with. Funnily enough, some of my best memories and friendships while living abroad have come from trips to the grocery store, doing chores around the house, or staying at home for a movie night instead of (literally) anything else. But really, these ‘trivial’ moments wouldn’t mean anything to me without the people who made those moments special. My ultimate piece of advice for anyone wanting to pursue a global learning experience? Wherever you go, go with all your heart ❤ and yes, that’s probably easier said than done because sometimes the “to do list” for such experiences can complicated, daunting, and pricey. But trust me, it’s worth all that and more when you come home feeling more like yourself than you ever have before. And on that note – if you have questions about studying abroad in Germany or working abroad in England, please feel free to connect with me directly via Facebook @ Roslyn Stanislaus 😊“

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