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Our specially designed guide for new MIB students who want to know everything about the MIB program, studying abroad, domestic and international work terms, financing tips and tricks, and many more!


Learn from MIB seniors and alumni who experienced everything you need to know so you are ready to take on this amazing MIB journey flawlessly!



If you are planning on an exchange term abroad, it is important to plan your courses wisely! Degree explorer is a useful tool that lists the mandatory courses and their prerequisites and helps you plan ahead.


Whether you are looking for an opportunity to study or work outside Canada, the new Learning Abroad page provides you with all the information you need! Explore your international destinations, funding, and other resources to make the most out of your stay!


If you are seeking for your international work term, be sure to check your CSM regularly! Opportunities are posted on a rolling basis. So far, students have been securing their work term abroad in China, Hong Kong, Kenya, Netherlands, UK and more!


Whether you are in co-op or planning to go on exchange, you must maintain a required CGPA (minimum 2.5 GPA and 2.25 CGPA for exchange, and minimum 2.3 - 2.5 CGPA for co-op). Using this tool, you can calculate the grades you need to maintain your target (C)GPA.


Not sure if the courses abroad can be transferred to equivalent UTSC course credits? Check out the Transfer Credit Explorer to see what courses other students have taken during their stay!


Other than CSM, international job postings can also be found on U of T's Career and Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx). Simply log in with your UTORid and search under "Job & Recruitment" tab!


Study Abroad Course Selection will be a lot easier if you get a glance of all UTSC courses! The 'Course Timetable' allows you to search for UTSC courses and when they are offered. To learn more about the required courses for your specialization, download the full PDF calendar!


In case the specific course could not be found on Transfer Credit Explorer, you could consult the Registrars's Office for Transfer Credit Determination. Email them before your study abroad term departure to confirm your transfer credits.

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