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MIBA has always valued the character building and experiences that studying and working abroad can bring to the table. After 2 years in a pandemic, we understand the urge for students to step out of their comfort zone and pursue new relationships and experiences. This is the team bringing MIBA's mission to life for the 2022-23 school year!


Shub Atreya.png

Shub Atreya


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Marwa Boutahar_edited.jpg

Marwa Boutahar


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Vice Presidents


Margarita Manvelyan

VP of Operations

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Simitha Ramthas.jpg

Simitha Ramthas

VP of Marketing


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Sunny Luk.png

Sunny Luk

VP of Internal Strategy

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Ece Bolukbasi

VP of External Relations

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Zexi Li.png

Zexi Li

VP of Business Development

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Operations Directors

Sharon Tai.jpg

Sharon Tai

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Anthony Keyes.jpg

Anthony Keyes

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Maya DeCastro.jpg

Maya DeCastro

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External Relations Directors

Bishoy Hanna.jpg

Bishoy Hanna

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Joey Ulbricht.jpg

Joey Ulbricht

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Marketing Directors

Hrishit Mehta.jpg

Hrishit Mehta

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Ethan Ching.jpg

Ethan Ching

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Luis Salvador

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Internal Strategy Directors

Ada Akbarieh.jpg

Ada Akbarieh

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Jason Lau.jpg

Jason Lau

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Business Development Directors

Emily Wright.jpg

Emily Wright

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Adela Pohancanikova.jpg

Adela Pohancanikova

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