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  • I am not part of the MIB program, can I study abroad?
    Yes! The Center for International Experience (CIE) and Learning Abroad department at the University of Toronto welcomes all UofT students to complete as many exchange terms abroad as they wish! Visit to learn more! However, many of your credits while studying abroad may not transfer back to UTSC. Please visit the International Student Centre for more information:
  • What is MIBA and how can MIBA support students, alumni, and employers?
    MIBA stands for Management and International Business Association and supports any student at UTSC that is interested in taking their university experience international! There are many resources that MIBA can provide to students in regards to classes, co-op work terms, study abroad and work abroad.
  • If I can study abroad if I am not in the MIB Program, what is so special about the MIB Program?
    The Harvard endorsed curriculum of the MIB Program includes an international component to all its business courses. This means getting a global education, with smaller class sizes, and from a class with an exceptional hand-picked cohort of 30 students a year.
  • What is the MIB Co-op program?
    MIB stands for Management and International Business, and is a BBA Co-op Program at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. The MIB Program has an international study component where students can study at over 150 partner universities in over 50 countries, as well as an international work component. The MIB courses are also customized to teach students about the international business environment in fields including Corporate Strategy, Leadership skills, Marketing, HR, Business Law and many more. Learn More:
  • How do I apply for the MIB program?
    From the UTSC Management calendar: “Most students will be accepted into the program directly from secondary school. Transfer students, and current UTSC students may also apply for admission, but generally, only those students who are in the early stages of their academic careers will be considered. Admission is based on the applicant’s academic performance as well as a supplementary application, and an interview process. Interviews are held in February, March and April for students who pass the initial screening. Successful students will demonstrate strength in academics, extra-curricular and volunteer activities, as well as an interest in, and focus on, developing global competencies.” Read more at:
  • What work abroad resources are available to MIB students?
    Many work abroad jobs are posted on CSM. As a MIB student, you will need to be sequenced to work abroad to be able to see international jobs. Other avenues include searching on job portals of your preferred companies, Linkedin, job portals of your country of choice (e.g. Indeed), and, of course, personal networks. Another great option is the AIESEC club at UTSC. Visit them here:

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