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Amelia Helpard (MIB Candidate, 2021)

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Study Abroad: University of Sydney (Australia)

Work Abroad: The Polygot Group (Australia)

How was your experience studying/working abroad?

I try not to go into big, new experiences with too many expectations. Australia had fires, floods and the start of the pandemic during my time there, and yet still managed to have so much to offer. Working in Sydney meant daily walks along the harbour, weekend adventures in and around the area and access to some amazing food and entertainment, all of which I was more than happy to take advantage of!

What challenges did you experience? How did you overcome them?

Six months can be a long time, and without much of a break for the holidays, I struggled to stay motivated at work. To overcome this I asked for more tasks and responsibilities over which I could have autonomy and complete in a specified time frame.

What skills did you develop in your designated country?

In my coop role, I developed so many hard skills. And when it came to the soft skills it was focused on building confidence in myself and my abilities, communication with people from different backgrounds, and resilience to changing environments.

What was your most memorable moment?

One of my memorable moments was during a trip I took to Brisbane. I spent the weekend driving down the Gold Coast and through the surrounding Hinterlands, having to turn around countless times because of flooding. Regardless of any trip mishaps, I got to hold a koala! And that is definitely one of my highlights!

What are some tips you wish you knew before going abroad?

Take a minute to get settled. You don’t have to rush into doing everything right off the bat.

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