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Cameron Choi (MIB Candidate, 2021)

Study Abroad: National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Work Abroad: PwC Hong Kong (China)

“Doing an exchange at the National University of Singapore has definitely been the highlight of my university experience so far! I traveled a lot during my time abroad, visiting almost all the countries in Southeast Asia and a variety of different cities! Out of all of them, my favorite trip was to Mount Bromo: a remote active volcano in Indonesia. Taking over 7 hours to get there, we hiked up an opposing mountain at 2 am, seeing the milky way clearly by eye, and waiting for the sun to rise over the volcano. After doing so, we trekked to the volcano located in the middle of a mini dessert and hitching a ride off locals with scooters to do so. Mount Bromo’s landscape felt like an alien planet, having a crater on one side of the path, a cliff on the other, and mountains everywhere you looked. With no one in sight, it was the most surreal experience I’ve ever had and something I will never forget.”

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